Mayor Rawlings-Blake announces no changes in Charm City Circulator service will be made during her term in office

Friday, October 21
Friday, October 21, 2016
Mayor Rawlings-Blake announces no changes in Charm City Circulator service will be made during her term in office
“In my time in office, I have always made the tough decisions required to ensure that I leave the City in a better place than when I took office, including the City’s long-term fiscal position.  To address the Charm City Circulator increasing costs and operating deficit, I recommended in my fiscal year 2017 budget increasing the parking tax to avoid any service reductions.  Unfortunately, the City Council has not acted upon my recommendation which has resulted in the need for significant reductions in the Circulator’s service. 
Any changes to the Circulator system will likely have a significant impact on the next administration’s budget.  I will present the next administration with the best and most current information to allow the next mayor to make an informed decision on the Circulator’s future operations.  A new service contract for the Circulator is currently under review.  I am confident this contract will provide efficiencies to avoid implementing the proposed worst-case-scenario service cuts.  Once the contract bid process is complete, we will know the actual cost to operate the service over the next several years. While service reductions are likely, it would be premature to make a decision on revamping the Circulator service until the bid process is completed.  As my administration finalizes recommendations, we continue to work closely with the MTA to coordinate our services.  I will recommend to the new administration that the City continue to partner with MTA and consider implementing any Circulator service changes in coordination with new MTA BaltimoreLink initiative.
Since announcing the proposed service cuts to the Circulator, I have heard from passionate residents who want to keep the current Charm City Circulator system intact. I am proud of the service the Charm City Circulator provides and understand the concerns of the community if service must be cut.  I will continue to work on recommendations over the coming weeks to help inform the next administration’s decision.”
– Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
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